Membership conditions

Aktiv trening Arendal

Membership conditions

1. Aktiv Trening Arendal is an unattended Fitness center and follow- up are not included in the price. It is assumed that members either have experience/ expertise in terms of training or buy necessary guidance of our Fitness coaches or personal trainers.

2. The keycard is a personal entrence card and cannot be transferred or given to other People. The member is obligate as soon as possible to report the loss of card and issusing new card. New Cards are charged NOK 199,-

3. The premises are recorded 24/7

4. Security checks will be monitored by our staff inspectors and employees at the center. Anyvone who cannot provide the card will be expelled from premises.

5. Members have no oppurtunity to bring nonmembers to the Fitness center. Doing so will results in a suspension from the center for 1 month.

6. Omission of attendance does not exempt the training fee. Missing payments will be recovered in accordance with applicable regulations.

7. All training at your own risk. Member is responsible for ensuring that he/she is physically and mentally fit for traning at Aktiv Trening Arendal. The member agrees that the Fitness center does not bear responsibility for damage to person or object or loss of objects. The applies regardless of whether the damage or loss occurring during or as a results of the member`s or someone else stay in and/or use the fitness center. The member is obliged to ensure that the exercise works before use. The member is likewise obliged to store clothes and personal belongings in an appropriate and responsible manner.

8. Members under the age of 16 must have written consent from parents/guardians, where personal and materials damages rests on parents/ guardian, to be abel to exercise at our fitness center.

9. Children are not allowed in to our fitness center for safety reasons.

10. It is not permitted to store fitness clothes, valuables or else in lockers when the member is not in the fitness center. Padlock to lockers that are being used unregulated will be cut up and lockers emptied. This is the members responsibility.

11. The member is obliged to use clean training equipment and indoor fitness shoes. The member is also obliged to carry towels for use on the fitness equipments it is appropriate in relation to good hygiene. By hard workout involving sweat on the floor, wipe it up with paper found in the gym. It is mandatory that everyone help keeping the fitness center clean. By disorder of such a nature it causes discomfort for other members and Aktv Trening Arendal will cancel the membership.

12. The member is obliged to participate in to keep order by putting equipment where it belongs in the gym after use. Breach of rules can lead to expulsion from the fitness center.

13. Any involvement of drugs mentioned in IOC’s list will result in a permanent ban from Aktiv Trening Arendal.

14. Admission cards an the first training period, which is minimum of 30 days until the first monthly maturity, payable in cash. Then runs agreement with monthly payment via established direct debits. Training contract applies until the member has in writing informed that he will cancel the membership. TERMINATION DATE CONSIDERED THE DATE AKTIV TRENING ARENDAL RECIEVES DISMISSAL. TERMINATION DEDLINE IS MINIMUM 30 DAYS BEFORE THE NEXT MONTHLY REDEMPTION. MONTHLY REDEMPTION IS THE FIRST EVERY MONTH.

15. All members is obliged to read and follow the fire instructions.